Fire Safety Signage

The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 implement the European Safety Signs Directive (92/58/EEC) which has been designed to standardise safety signage across Europe and ensure that there is no risk of safety signs being misunderstood. This regulation also incorporates fire safety signage. Firepoint can provide and install a large range of Safety Signage to the relevant British Standards.

Our engineers can carry out a full site survey to establish your signage requirements and to help ensure that all current signs are to the relevant standard. We advocate the use of rigid photo-luminescent signage where appropriate to provide an effective and durable choice of safety signs for your premises. Photo-luminescent safety signs absorb ambient fluorescent light to enable them to glow between 1 and 10 hours in the absence of any light source. The signs themselves are inherently fire retardant. In dark and smokey conditions, these power free signs will guide your staff to safety or to the location of fire exits and fire fighting equipment.

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